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The College of Applied Health Sciences

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Department of Kinesiology and Community Health

Graduate study and research leads to a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in four major areas with further specialization within each area: Biobehavioral Kinesiology; Community Health and Rehabilitation; Cultural, Pedagogical, and Interpretive Kinesiology; and Exercise Physiology.

Graduate programs in Kinesiology and Community Health

Steven J. Petruzzello, Ph.D.; Graduate Program Director

Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism

The graduate program is designed to provide an education in theoretical, behavioral, planning and management perspectives directed toward a range of specific leisure interests.

Graduate programs in Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Cary McDonald, Ph.D.; Director of Graduate Studies

Department of Speech and Hearing Science

Graduate programs of study include speech-language pathology, audiology, and speech, language, and hearing science. The department prepares scientists and professionals who specialize in the study of receptive and productive aspects of oral and alternative communication and communication disorders. Clinics offer outreach programs to anyone with a communication disorder.

Graduate programs in Speech and Hearing Science

Pamela Hadley, Ph.D.; Director of Graduate Studies

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