19 AHS Students Receive University Honors

plaques  on a wall extending down lengthy hallway

This year, 19 students from the College of Applied Health Sciences received University Honors and will have their names inscribed on the Bronze Tablets in the Main Library. 

Bronze Tablet recipients rank in the top three percent of their college’s graduating class. All 19 AHS Bronze Tablet students had at least a 3.96 GPA with five students recording a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Gabrielle Adochio, Community Health

Stephanie Bauer, Speech & Hearing Science

Brigette Boyle, Community Health

Bailey Branch, Recreation, Sport & Tourism

Paul Cessna, Community Health

Stephanie Farmer, Kinesiology

Elinor Fujimoto, I-Health

Julia Ghering, I-Health

Sam Hinton, Community Health

Margaret Mallon, Speech & Hearing Science

Ryan Prais, Kinesiology

Raebekkah Pratt-Clarke, Recreation, Sport & Tourism

Megan Roome, Speech & Hearing Science

Bailey Schmidt, Kinesiology

Shirali Shah, Kinesiology 

Clarissa Stanhope, Community Health

Clare Tang, Community Health

Rachel Thain, Speech & Hearing Science

Sean Zwicky, Kinesiology