Academic Eligibility

Academic Probation and Drop Status

Probationary status is designed to warn a student that they are in scholastic jeopardy. Inadequate grade point averages and/or failure to make academic progress towards a degree may result in a student being placed on probation or being dropped from the University. A student on probation is expected to maintain a normal full-time course registration (12 to 18 credit hours without petition) and is not eligible for the Credit/No Credit option. Academic probationary status at the University of Illinois may not be cleared by attendance at another institution. Unsatisfactory progress results in the probation levels as follows:

Beginning Freshmen (less than 12 semester hours completed at the time of admission)

Beginning freshmen who do not earn at least a 2.0 (C) average his or her first academic term is placed on a 2.0 probation level for his or her next academic term of attendance.

Students Other Than Beginning Freshmen

Students whose UIUC cumulative average is 2.0 or better and who do not earn at least a 2.0 (C) average in any academic term are placed on a 2.0 probation level for their next academic term of attendance. A student whose UIUC cumulative average is 1.75 to 1.99 inclusive is placed on a minimum 2.25 probation level. A student whose UIUC cumulative average is less than 1.75 is placed on a minimum 2.3 probation level. A student may be placed on a “probationary status” at any time when, in the judgment of the college, his or her scholastic record warrants such action. Likewise, the probation rules may be waived when, in the judgment of the college, a student's scholastic record indicates that the warning provided by the probationary status is unwarranted.

If you achieve at the level required by your probation, but your cumulative GPA remains below 2.0 and you have met all other academic eligibility and progress requirements, you will be approved to continue on a probationary status until such time as you have achieved clear standing. All probation averages are based on a minimum course load of 12 academic hours. Students placed on probationary status will be expected to sign an academic contract and to meet regularly with their academic advisor and the enrichment and opportunities program coordinator as part of their academic requirements while on probation.

Normally you will have had the benefit of being warned by having been placed on a probation status prior to being subjected to the rules that govern being dropped from UIUC. However, there are some instances when a student on clear status may go directly to drop status:

  • A student is dropped if at least a 1.0 (D) average is not earned in any given semester. This rule may be waived for students enrolled in Summer Session.
  • A student is dropped if he or she failed to meet the requirements of his or her probation level unless he or she earned at least a 2.0 average for the current semester and his or her cumulative average is a least a 2.0 (C).
  • A student who fails to make satisfactory progress towards a degree is dropped. This drop can come during any given academic term in progress and/or at the end of any given academic term.

Once on academic drop, the student will remain in that status for twelve consecutive months. A student may request a waiver of this time line through the AHS Academic Deans. Immediate re-entry will only be granted in exceptional cases when there is good evidence that the cause of the poor academic performance has been corrected.


Students requesting re-entry must submit a petition for re-entry. Students should submit this petition if they meet the following qualifications:

  • Student has been gone for more than one semester and left in good academic standing
  • Student was dropped from the College or from another College and has met any pre-requisite requirements.
  • Student left on academic probation.

Re-entry application deadlines are as follows:

  • April 30 (for summer)
  • July 31 (for fall)
  • November 30 (for spring)


Re-Entry Petitions:

  • For students who were dropped or left on academic probation or students from other academic programs who were dropped or on academic probation (PDF) (students from other academic programs who may have been in good academic standing should fill this out as well and should explain your interest in the major you are considering)
  • For students who left for more than one semester in good academic standing (PDF)

Normal Progress toward Degree

You are responsible for making normal progress toward your degree and for meeting the graduation requirements in your curriculum. Academic advisors are available to discuss your academic objectives, selection of courses and similar matters of concern. It is not their function, however, to make sure you meet graduation requirements. You are required to be a full-time candidate for a degree at the Urbana-Champaign campus unless you have received specific approval from the AHS Academic Deans to do otherwise. You are required to make normal progress towards your degree; meaning, you should take an average of 15 hours per semester.

The College continuously monitors the degree progress of all its students. No student will be allowed to continue enrollment in a declared AHS major while pursuing requirements for another major or a program in another college at the expense of fulfilling degree requirements in their declared major. The student must be enrolled in a minimum of three hours of departmental courses each semester. If at any time it is determined that a student is not making sufficient progress towards degree completion, that student will be advised of specific progress deficiencies and given the opportunity to enter into an academic agreement to correct such deficiencies during the next term of enrollment. Students who fail to accept or who fail to meet the conditions of their academic agreements may lose their eligibility to continue enrollment in the College as a consequence of their failure to meet established eligibility and progress requirements.

Changing Majors/Colleges

Students who wish to change their major of college should inform their academic advisor of their plans. Students who do not inform their advisor may be placed on an “advising hold”, restricting registration. Students are responsible for meeting transfer requirements for the new major/college they are applying into.

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