E-News Summer 2018

AHS a Partner in Microsoft Initiative

lighthouse shooting beam of light, Illinois and Microsoft logos in background

The Accessibility Lighthouse Program, funded by Microsoft, seeks to encourage students with autism to pursue STEM studies. Learn more about the Lighthouse program.

Goodbye to the Class of 2018

two people holding a diploma

AHS awarded more than 700 degrees in May. Meet some of our newest alumni.

Watch the AHS Convocation here.

hundreds of grads in blue gowns seated in the State Farm Center

A captioned video of the event can be seen here.

AHS Students Receive University Honors

plaques with many names on a wall extending down hallway

Nineteen students in the College of Applied Health Sciences were named Bronze Tablet recipients in 2018. Read about them here.

AHS Kicks Off Distinguished Lecturer Series

Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell, Brian Smedley, and Reggie AlstonAHS Dean Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell and Associate Dean Reginald Alston welcomed Dr. Brian Smedley (center), executive director of the National Collaborative for Health Equity, as the first AHS Distinguished Lecturer. Read about the lecture.

DRES Hosts Accessibility Awareness Day

man wearing sunglases working at computer with braille display

About 100 visitors learned more about the technologies and resources that make the world more accessible to people with disabilities. Read more about the day.

Dr. Amy Woods Named McKechnie Professor

Amy Woods standing with Mr. and Mrs. McKechnie

(L-R) Karen and James McKechnie congratulate KCH professor Amy Woods, who has been named the first McKechnie Professor in AHS. Read about Dr. Woods' accomplishments.

2018 Student Awards

Alma Mater dressed in graduation gown, with students gathered in front

AHS awarded more than 100 scholarships, fellowships, and awards to outstanding students this year. Read about their awards.

Faculty and Staff Awards

table filled with award plaques

Members of the AHS faculty and staff who demonstrated exceptional commitment, caring, and creativity were recognized with college, campus, national, and international awards. Read about their awards.

RST Honors Outstanding Alumni

Mary-Liz Jayne, Joe DeLuce, Sarah Beth Reno

Three RST alumni were recognized for their professional achievements during an event in April. Read about the alumni here.

AHS in the News

Jan interviewed on PLOS Channels and Collections Blog — KCH professor Yih-Kuen Jan discussed his work on PLOS Channels and Collections Blog, a platform for editors, authors and organizers to write about the research and commentary published in PLOS Collections.

Wendy Rogers Featured on BBC Radio — As part of an episode from the BBC radio series "The Digital Human", KCH Professor Wendy Rogers participated in a discussion titled "Visage". The portion featuring Dr. Rogers runs from about minute 8:30 and ends about minute 14:30.

How Do Sexual Assault Survivors Fare? — Kinesiology and Community Health professor Robyn Gobin says sexual assault survivors carry lifelong scars from their experience.

Microbiomes Change for Good after Exercise — KCH professor Jeff Woods says exercise may change the composition and activity of the gut microbes in ways that could improve our health and metabolisms over time.

Playful Boys Viewed Negatively — RST professor Lynn Barnett’s new study shows that teachers perceive playfulness more negatively in boys than in girls.

Students’ Attention Increases after Outdoor Lesson — RST professor Matt Browning and colleagues found that third-grade students were less distracted in the classroom after having a lesson outdoors.