Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

transparent view of brain inside a head
man with prosthetic leg using exercise machine
woman with orange scarf

The Interdisciplinary Health Sciences (I-Health) degree program views health as more than simply the absence of disease. Based on the premise that human health is too complex to be addressed within a single discipline, I-Health integrates knowledge from a variety of social and behavioral science fields such as psychology and sociology as well as the applied health sciences. Working with a staff of committed advisors and the solid foundation provided by a core curriculum, students may build a customized program addressing their specific interests within three concentration areas:

  • >  Health and Aging
  • >  Health Behavior Change
  • >  Health Diversity

Students are encouraged to think outside of disciplinary boundaries. Our society is in need of professionals who understand applied health across a wide range of traditional fields. Increasing populations of older adults and people with disabilities and growing concern about physical inactivity, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions will result in the significant growth of opportunities within the health professions.

Our graduates are pursuing careers in:

• Medicine
• Physical and occupational therapy
• Law
• Chiropractic medicine
• Physician assistant
• Public health
• Nursing
• Health promotion/wellness
• Higher education

For more information about the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences undergraduate program, contact advisor Beth Frasca at 217-300-0315 or