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Awards, Honors, And Scholarships

AHS Scholarships and Awards

All of the following awards and scholarships are college-level AHS awards and scholarships, for more information about program or department level scholarships you can navigate to your program or department scholarship and awards page.


The Jerry D. Burnam Student Scholarship was established in 2015 by Dr. Jerry Burnam, who held the position of Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for many years in the College of Applied Health Sciences and retired in 2000. The scholarship is designated for AHS students who are transferring (or transferred) to the college from another institution of higher learning or from another college within the University of Illinois. Preference is given to students who are first-generation, have a history of volunteerism and community service, participated in the U.S. military or ROTC, or graduated from an Illinois high school in a “low sending” county.


This scholarship was established through gifts from former colleagues and friends of Ralph Geeseman (1942-2009), who devoted 39 years of service to the department. Mr. Geeseman graduated from the University of Illinois in 1969 with a degree in electrical engineering after serving four years in the United States Navy. The award recognizes students who have served in or are training for a branch of the U.S. military or who are dependents of active members of the U.S. military. Preference is given to students enrolled in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health. The scholarship recipient will receive a $1,500 scholarship credited to his or her student account.

To apply for this award, please submit the following:

  • Resume
  • A statement addressing your career interests, current major, and financial need.
  • One letter of recommendation (preferably from an instructor)


This award supports undergraduate students in the College of Applied Health Sciences who demonstrate a commitment to multicultural issues. The McAfee Award was created by the family of Floyd (PEM 1957) and Etta McAfee to honor their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and to recognize their parents’ lifelong commitment to helping students reach their potential.Applicants must be undergraduate students currently enrolled in the College of Applied Health Sciences who have financial need. The selected student will receive a $1,000 award.

To apply for this award, please submit the following:

  • Current Resume
  • Brief statement of career goals and interest in multicultural issues
  • Brief statement of financial need (items 2 and 3 can be combined)
  • Letter of recommendation from your advisor or a faculty member who is knowledgeable of your academic performance and career goals.


This scholarship provides support for talented students in Applied Health Sciences who live in or near Rockford, Illinois. Supported by generous gifts from family and friends, including daughters Tanya M. Gallagher and Mary Ann Tungate, the scholarship honors the late Peter J. and Ella Montaleone, longtime residents of Rockford, who devoted their lives to helping others reach their potential. Preference is given to those who can demonstrate financial need. This $1,000 award will be credited to the student account in the Fall term. The selected recipient will receive an additional $1,000 during his or her senior year assuming adequate progress is being made toward the completion of the undergraduate degree.

To apply for this award, please submit the following:

  • Resume
  • A statement addressing your career interests, current major, and financial need.
  • One letter of recommendation (preferably from an instructor)


This Fall we will be awarding a maximum of 4 CDLA awards ($1,000 each) to support students who wish to study abroad. Both faculty-led and traditional semester experiences are available/supportable.


The Institute is a six-day, five-night leadership development program offered for undergraduates during winter break, January 8-13, 2017 at Allerton Park in Monticello, IL. At The Institute, students learn about teaching visioning, relationship building, and the importance of leading with integrity. This is one of the finest leadership development experiences available on our campus. This year, the College of Applied Health Sciences will be supporting up to seven (7) students as they embark on this journey to develop their leadership abilities. More information about the program can be found on the attached flyer or by contacting the Illinois Leadership Center® at or (217) 333-0604.

AHS Scholar Award

This scholarship is awarded to top incoming freshmen to the College of Applied Health Sciences. The number of awards given each year varies and is dependent upon the applicant pool. All incoming freshmen are considered for this award each year based on high school grades, entrance exam scores, leadership experience, and volunteer experience and essay.