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Board of Visitors

Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors (BOV) is a volunteer advisory board that supports the College’s strategic plan, assists in securing financial resources to achieve its long-range goals, and actively advocates for the College of Applied Health Sciences among alumni, friends and other key constituent groups to advance its teaching, research, and service missions. 


The Board of Visitors shall serve the College by:

  • Providing counsel and recommendations on issues raised by the Dean
  • Undertaking projects and launching initiatives recommended by the Board and approved by the Dean that will benefit the College
  • Assisting the Dean in fundraising activities on behalf of the College and the University
  • Advocating on behalf of the College to enhance and build relationships with communities of interest that advance the mission
  • Advancing the interests of the professions in Speech & Hearing Science, Kinesiology & Community Health, and Recreation, Sport & Tourism
  • Advancing the interests of Disability Resources & Educational Services (DRES) and the Chez Veterans Center (CVC)
  • Increasing the overall involvement and support from alumni and friends with the College, its faculty, students, and programs
  • Supporting the College’s public outreach activities
  • Inspiring lifelong loyalty and pride among alumni and friends by strengthening their relationship with the College and University
  • Educating the public about the academic and service activities of the College
  • Advocating on behalf of the College at their respective organizations or companies
  • Recruit new members to the Board
  • Present to students when invited by faculty and staff
  • Ron Barger
    Ron Barger
    BS, ‘77

    Founder and Servant, Serviam Care Network, P.B.C. 

  • Dave Bobert
    David Bobert
    BS, ‘71

    President, Protocol and Air-serve Inc.

  • Jayne DeLuce
    Jayne DeLuce
    BS, ’86; MS, ‘88

    President & CEO, Visit Champaign County

  • Tristan Elmore
    Tristan Elmore
    BS, '13

    Coordinator of Guest Services, Chicago White Sox

  • Carrie Fullerton
    Carrie Fullerton
    BS, ’93; MS, ‘96

    Executive Director, Arlington Heights Park District

  • Travis Gayles
    Travis Gayles
    PhD, ’06; MD, ’09 (UIC)

    Chief Health Officer, Hazel Health

  • Ryan Gower
    Ryan Gower
    BS, ’97; MS, ’99; PhD, ‘08

    Chancellor, Illinois Eastern Community Colleges

  • Sue Grey
    Sue Grey
    BS, ‘84

    President & CEO, United Way of Champaign County

  • Laurie Alban Havens
    Laurie Alban Havens
    BS, ‘72, MA, ‘73

    Retired, Director, Medicaid and Private Health Plans, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

  • Laura Kann
    Laura Kann
    BS, ’82; MS, ‘83

    Consultant, World Health Organization

  • Peter Korst
    Peter Korst
    BS, ’76; MS, ‘78

    Director, IBM Corporation

  • Megan Malone
    Megan Malone
    BS, ‘11

    Corporate Partnerships Manager, Chicago Bears

  • Paul Meginnis
    Paul Meginnis
    BS, ’63; MA, ‘64

    Retired, KPMG Tax Partner

  • Saul Morse
    Saul Morse
    BA, ’69, JD ‘72

    Attorney, Brown Hay and Stephens LLP

  • Michael Vitoux
    Michael Vitoux
    BA, ’68; MA ‘72

    Founder, The Point Fencing Club

AHS is accepting applications from alumni and friends to serve on the Board of Visitors

Are you interested in supporting the College of Applied Health Sciences through board service?  AHS is accepting applications from alumni and friends to serve on the Board of Visitors.  Each member attends a Fall and Spring meeting, and also serves on one of three committees (Advancement, Engagement, and Nominating & Governance).  To submit a nomination for yourself or someone else, please complete and submit this application.  For more information, please contact Kathy Saathoff at (217) 244-8408 or