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Kinesiology & Community Health

Caitlin Vitosky Clarke

Caitlin Vitosky Clarke, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant Professor

Curriculum Vitae:
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Dr. Clarke's primary research agenda focuses on examining the use of physical activity interventions as a solution for depression and anxiety. She is interested in how researchers conceptualize their research participants, the disorders in question, and the relationship between the disorder and PA. She is interested in the production of knowledge in this area and social perceptions of people with mental illness. Dr. Clarke is currently collaborating on a network-oriented analysis of citations of meta-analyses and systematic reviews of PA and depression. She is also conducting a policy analysis of all mental health policies, services, and programs for student athletes compared to the larger student body in the Power 5 Conference schools. This analyzed how each school adapted services and policies to meet the unique needs of college students and student athletes during COVID-19. Her other collaborations are broadly focused on biosocial approaches to health disparities.