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Dean's Office: Who to Ask

Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell, Dean

Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell

  • Chief Executive Officer of the college
  • Responsible for college administration
  • Executes educational policy
  • Chairs Executive Committee
  • Chairs Administrative Council
  • Member of Council of Deans
  • Appoints assistant and associate deans

Robbin King, Assistant to the Dean

Robbin King

  • Coordinate administrative services for the college
  • Administrative Assistant to the Dean
  • Support Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • Coordinate Dean’s Office events:
    • Fall & Spring College Meetings
    • Staff appreciation brunch
    • Holiday events
  • Prepare Final Offer Letters in coordination with HR Director
  • Staff representative for Executive Committee and Administrative Council
  • Coordinate and support the Educational Policy Committee & Awards Committee
  • Responsible for final review and submission of:
    • AHS Annual Report
    • Promotion and Tenure Dossiers
    • Tenure Rollbacks
    • Sabbatical Requests
  • Back-up support for CHAD

Sally Marshall, Office Manager

Sally Marshall

  • Support for Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  • Assist with support for Associate Dean for Faculty
  • Back-up support for search committees
  • Back-up support for room reservations
  • Parking Reservations (Dean’s Office spots only)
  • Dean’s Office Reception
  • Maintain College Directory
  • Support Elections and Credentials Committee
  • Support Information Technology Department
  • Support Director of Communications
  • Support CHAD

Suzanne Rinehart, Associate Dean of Administration

Suzanne Rinehart

  • College Budget Officer with oversight of all financial affairs, budget and personnel policies
  • College  liaison with Chancellor and Provost Offices for budget and personnel policies
  • Facility planning including the coordination of major remodeling and renovation projects
  • Administrative oversight of the following AHS activities: Information Technology, Budget, Business, Human Resources, and Facility Management.
  • Assist Dean on long range planning, allocation of college resources, policy and procedures, and business policies.
  • Conflict of interest officer for the College 
  • Approval of AHS contracts and agreements
  • Special projects for the Dean's Office
  • AHS HIPPA liaison

Reggie Alston, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Reggie Alston

  • Monitor the strategic planning of the campus and university to ensure that student and program academic affairs in the college are closely aligned with institutional goals
  • Serves as liaison with the Office of the Provost, Graduate College, and other campus offices related to undergraduate education
  • Consult with the Heads on department and college academic policies
  • Coordinate college educational policy
    • College Ed Pol facilitation
    • IBHE review processes
    • Advisory to unit Ed Pol committees
    • Liaison to Faculty Senate Ed Pol
    • Council on Teacher Education
  • Liaison to the Graduate College
  • Provide leadership to AHS Graduate Council
  • Serve as liaison to the following campus committees
    • Campus International Advisory Council
    • Entrepreneurship Roundtable
    • INSPIRE and ad hoc international programming
    • EDGE Enhancing Diversity and Guiding Excellence
  • College primary point of contact for international programs
    • Development of programs, advise on policies and best practices
    • College committee to develop policies and best practices for international programs and oversee implementation of those policies and practices
  • Oversee the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs and undergraduate activities
    • Coordinates orientation program for new graduate students
    • Provides guidance to faculty advisors
    • Collaborate with Advancement on strategies for increasing scholarship resources
    • Promote inclusive and diverse undergraduate and graduate programs

Amy Woods, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Amy Woods

  • Represents the Dean in matters affecting faculty affairs of the college
  • Advise and support the Dean in college resource planning matters pertaining to salary and startup for faculty recruitments and retentions, and salary raise programs
  • Support the Dean on strategic planning as it relates to formulating annual and long-term faculty hiring plans
  • Oversees college policies/bylaws relating to faculty and specialized faculty
  • Ensure compliance with university policies and procedures related to faculty recruitment and retention
  • Works with college EEO and Diversity Committee in relation to diversity initiatives and recruitment and retention of diverse faculty
  • Coordinates, oversees and provides mentorship on the following processes:
    • 3rd year faculty reviews
    • Promotion and promotion and tenure processes
    • Sabbatical requests
    • Modified teaching duties
    • Tenure rollback requests
  • Liaise with College Promotion and Tenure Committee
  • Provide leadership, guidance and support for senior management and faculty members related to personnel matters
    • Liaise with AHS Grievance Committee and campus offices to resolve faculty personnel issues
    • Conducts exit interviews with faculty
  • Coordinate and oversee the college level faculty orientation, welcome, promotion and other recognition programs
  • Leads the college efforts in providing professional development for heads, directors, faculty and specialized faculty
  • Chair of the Special Designations Faculty Committee
  • Develop and coordinate the college’s nomination process for university-level awards and recognition