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Disability Resources & Educational Services

Adapted Computer Station Policy

An adaptive computer station, behind the mini-desk at Nugent Hall, is for use of BRSS residents only.  The computer station is maintained by the College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS) Network Analysts, with a full complement of software and Internet tools available.

Food and/or drink are not permitted at the computer station

Residents and their assistants are not to have food and/or drink while using the computer station.

Access hours

The adaptive computer station is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Standard software

A standard set of word processing, spreadsheet, and network access applications are available on the computer. Requests for installation of new software should be directed to the Beckwith Director. All requests will be reviewed and if it is decided the software is useful and affordable, the AHS Network Analyst or Coordinator of Assistive Communication and Information Technology (CACIT) will install the package. BRSS and DRES will consider a software request on an individual basis and are not obligated to honor all requests. All software on the Beckwith adapted computer is to be installed and maintained by the AHS Network Analyst, or CACIT. Software installed by others will be deleted.

Saving files

File storage is the responsibility of the Beckwith supported resident using the computer, not BRSS Staff. Users are encouraged to store files on USB drives or mobile storage sites.  Any data or non-standard files left on the Beckwith computer hard drive/server drive can be deleted at any time without warning.

Desktop look and settings

Do not change the look or content of the operating system desktop. Desktops will periodically be reset to a standard look.


The Beckwith computer station offers the use of adaptive technologies in the form of software and devices such as mini keyboards, trackballs, and microphones for its residents. These devices will not be moved or removed.