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Disability Resources & Educational Services

Career Services

  • Lindsay Haitz
    Lindsay Haitz
    Career Services Specialist

    Phone (217) 300-7226


    Lindsay Haitz (pronounced Heights) joined the DRES team in October 2018 as the Career Services Specialist. Lindsay has her B.A. in History and M.S. in Mental Health Counseling from Lee University in Tennessee. She has worked on our campus at both the University of Illinois College of Medicine and the School of Social Work. She brings with her many areas of expertise. She is excited to work with students with visible and invisible disabilities, our career service colleagues across campus, and corporate/not for profit organizations in their recruiting and hiring of our graduates. In her free time, Lindsay enjoys playing board games, watching Netflix, and organizing.

  • Jeremy Henderson
    Jeremy Henderson
    Career Services Associate

    Jeremy Henderson joined the DRES Career Services team in August 2019. He obtained his BA in Communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. After completing his undergraduate degree, he worked at PepsiCo Chicago as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator. Currently, Jeremy is a second semester graduate student pursuing his Master of Human Resources degree at the U of I School of Labor and Employment Relations. He is passionate about empowering people and helping them to actualize their strengths and potential. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys playing golf, reading, and binge watching a good Netflix show!

  • Colleen Murphy
    Colleen Murphy
    Career Services Associate

    My name is Colleen Murphy and I am a first-year master’s student in Public Health. I just joined the Career Services team; however, it is my second year being involved in DRES. I also work in the Testing Accommodation Center, so if you have any questions about that I would be happy to help. I look forward to assisting students find employment opportunities along every step of the way. I also play for the University of Illinois club rugby team. In my spare time I like listening to records and watching sports!

The mission of DRES Career Services is to meet the individualized career preparation needs of students with visible and/or invisible disabilities by:

  • providing customized career readiness experiences
  • collaborating with allies and the career services community across campus
  • partnering with corporations to promote disability hiring and workplace accommodations

DRES has 3000 students registered with a disability and 75% (of that 3000) have a non-visible disability such as: ADHD, Autism Spectrum, anxiety, depression, chronic health conditions...(and more)

Please scroll down for the following info:

  • DRES Career Services -workshops, career coaching, networking events
  • Testimonials from employers who attended Corporate Networking Events
  • DRES Career Services Sping 2020 team -pictured left (Lindsay, Jeremy, Colleen)

Here is a testimonial from a recruiter @Facebook: (about a employer networking event)

Facebook has partnered with DRES for a few years now and we have continuously enjoyed our growing partnership with this office and it’s students.  We want to extend our gratitude & appreciation for the staff of DRES who work above & beyond to ensure their students have the support they need. This office and its resources are world class and we have learned so much around how we can continue to build inclusive environments at recruiting events and in our processes. It has been an eye opening and valuable experience partnering with this office.

The attention to detail and intentionality behind pre planning events with us has been stellar – to ensure we are partnering to create non-intimidating and friendly, welcoming and relaxed environments at events. Thank you DRES staff and students!’

-Rima (Fall 2019)

A weekly newsletter is sent out to all DRES students (AND ALLIES) with important information such as upcoming events, scholarship and employment opportunities, and more!

If you are not currently receiving the newsletter make sure you email Lindsay Haitz to be added to the list.  

student at a networking event

A testimonial from P&G:

"Procter & Gamble had an amazing event, hosted by DRES, during our Fall Recruiting Tour.  Three recruiters representing our People with Disabilities Affinity Network were able to share the career opportunities that P&G has to offer, as well as highlight the work our company is doing to serve the disabled market with new products and services.  The University of Illinois’ dedication (through DRES) to supporting the career goals of their students is top-notch, demonstrated by staffing a dedicated Career Services Specialist.  There is no doubt this level of commitment led to the P&G recruiting event being well attended, resulting in several talented U of I candidates being offered opportunities.  P&G looks forward to leveraging the partnership with DRES to recruit top talent for years to come!"

-Trevor (P&G)

DRES offers a variety of opportunities and resources related to career development and employment transition.


Throughout the academic year, DRES may offer career-related workshops to help students achieve their goals. Workshops in the past have included writing a cover letter, resume, utilizing Handshake @Illinois, disability disclosure statements, accommodation requests @work, and more...

Career Coaching

Career coaching is a 1-on-1 session to help students assess career readiness, understand interests and skills, and determine future goals. 

We offer the following services:

  • Peer Coaching/Planning Sessions

  • Career Advising/Coaching

  • Resume Review

  • Job/Internship Searches/Applications

  • Interview Prep/Mock Interview

To schedule an appointment, please e-mail Lindsay Haitz

Here is a student testimonial:

"Career fairs were always the most dreaded days of the semester for me, even more so than finals week or move out day. Trying to be as close to perfect in a room packed with more people than I could count is a little more than difficult.

At the DRES networking event it was easier to worry less about the hustle around me and instead really just be myself as I spoke to recruiters as I looked for a summer internship. And last week I got an offer from one of those recruiters!

I am so thankful for everything DRES does to give us the resources and opportunities to work around our strengths and weaknesses. I would really hope more students take advantage of this event in the coming semesters!"

-undergraduate student in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (Fall 2019)

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student at a networking event

Corporate Networking Events

DRES hosts events throughout the year for students to meet with a wide range of company recruiters.

These events are an excellent opportunity to network with employers who are inclusive and/or interested in disability hiring.

We held EIGHT Employer Networking Events in September (2019) with companies like: (*this is NOT a comprehensive list of all of our employers)

  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Wolfram
  • Capital One
  • Eli Lilly
  • Wight & Co
  • Power Construction
  • Amobee
  • Applied Pavement Technology
  • Birchwood Foods
  • BCBS
  • Coyote (a UPS company)
  • Meijer
  • US. Foods 
  • Caterpillar
  • KPMG

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Here are some testimonials from students and employers:

"This was a great event that was so well organized and in which the organizers did their utmost to help and make me feel welcome. Similarly, it was great to be able to speak with and better get to know the participants. Because it was a smaller and more personable event, we were able to speak more about our company culture, opportunities, and help students get a sense of how they can fit into our work. I hope we can continue to appear at this event in future years!"

-Glen from Capital One (Fall 2019)

"Our experience at DRES has consistently been a great one. My team and I not only appreciate the staff’s hospitality, but also the many interactions we have with their student members. The opportunity to meet with students in a more intimate setting allows for more enriched conversation. Thank you for continuing to include us, we are excited to continue this partnership!"

-Rachael from Amica (Fall 2019)

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students meeting with potential employers

“Everything was great, from the set-up, to the check-in process, all the way through the treats and tear-down. I very much appreciate working with students and enjoy being able to provide some insight. The more nervous the candidate the better an influence I can be to them. I truly enjoy seeing the light-bulb moments and seeing the anxiety release from students as they begin to feel more relaxed""

-Adam from State Farm

“My team and I really enjoyed the DRES networking event. It was great to meet a smaller group of students in a more intimate setting. We also really liked taking a tour of your facility. We were so impressed with the programming offered to your students. We hope to join you again in the fall when we return to campus.”

-Rachael from Amica (Spring 2019)

students at career fair

students at career fair

students at career fair

"I was honored last night to be part of the Employer Networking Dinner for Uof I students with visible/invisible disabilities and/or veterans. The event was sponsored by DRES (Disability Resources & Education Services) and the Chez Center for Wounded Veterans. The goal was to help students, via Q&A, role play or just talking, go after their first job out of college. They face challenges we never even THINK about and I was humbled by their courage, attitude, and commitment to succeed. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to support that group and their incredible commitment to What’s Possible.”
- Kurt from Northwestern Mutual

“The DRES Networking Dinner was an excellent opportunity for us to talk with students with visible and/or invisible disabilities and/or veterans. The students we met with were all highly ambitious and excited to meet with the variety of companies that attended the event. The students came ready with their resumes to talk about internships and career opportunities. Since it was a more intimate setting than a normal career fair it allowed for us to spend more time talking with each of the students, learning about their career aspirations and giving them advice on different career paths. I look forward to attending more events with DRES in the future”
– Jonathan Philipp, Diversity & Inclusion Sr. Associate Grant Thornton, University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign Alum

"The March 12th DRES event provided a unique opportunity to meet specific college student populations that are not always easy to reach. University students had the chance to meet a variety of employers as well. The FBI holds diversity in all forms as a core value, and this event provided the FBI with an opportunity to meet students from a variety of backgrounds. By talking with students at the dinner, we were able to learn about employment barriers these students face periodically when searching for employment. It was a great learning experience for us to learn what we can do to become as inclusive as possible in our hiring practices."
- Amanda Bly FBI

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