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Discipline Procedures

For those occasions when residents violate the Beckwith Residential Support Services Policies and Procedures and/or University Housing community standards, disciplinary procedures follow the University Housing Hallmarks and the Campus Student Code of Conduct as they do for all students. The philosophy of these procedures is based on educational and developmental principles. The discipline process focuses on the individual as well as the residential community and attempts to foster a sense of responsibility, mutual trust and respect for self and others.

It is the responsibility of the Beckwith Administrative Staff to operate within this philosophy. The staff strives to produce a positive community living experience while protecting individual rights and freedoms. Beckwith Residential Support Services adheres to University Housing's series of Administrative and Contract Actions that are designed to balance individual rights with those of the larger community in dealing with unacceptable behavior. The privacy and confidentiality of the individual are important. The following components of due process must be afforded students in all cases involving Administrative or Contract Action:

  1. Timely written notice of a violation of rules and regulations.
  2. A meeting with the Beckwith Administration Team whereby:
    1. the alleged violation is explained;
    2. the student has a chance to see all existing documentation;
    3. the student has a chance to explain the situation from his/her perspective.
  3. Timely written notification of decisions arrived at in the meeting.
  4. The right to appeal any decision made by staff.


The Beckwith Director has two choices in establishing consequences for behavior that is negatively impacting the overall Beckwith Community: take action at his/her level or refer the student to a higher authority. Referrals are to the Director of DRES or the student conduct system through University Housing. Beckwith Residential Support Services has the authority via the University Discipline system and DRES to impose Administrative Actions and Discipline Sanctions. The most common decision for the Director to take is the following Administrative Action:

Implement a Letter of Expectation (LOE)

A Letter of Expectation (LOE) is a written agreement between the Administrative Team and resident that is composed due to a violation of Beckwith program policy. The LOE defines past inappropriate behaviors, defines parameters/requirements for future behaviors, and describes the consequences for non-compliance with the contract.  Initiation of a LOE would be directly related to a specific violation of Beckwith program policy resulting in the resident placing themselves, their staff or other residents at harm without taking any personal responsibility or making any attempt to change behavior even after it had been brought to their attention in a more informal matter.  Failure to comply with the LOE could result in termination of the Beckwith Residential Support Services Contract, in which the resident would have a specified amount of time to procure housing and personal assistant staff outside of the first floor of Nugent Hall.

This action may be used alone or in conjunction with other actions. In extreme cases, a referral may be necessary to the Senate Subcommittee for Undergraduate Student Conduct, a faculty/student committee that is functionally the highest sanctioning body for undergraduates, for a hearing. All students are held responsible for the policies in the Student Code included in the Code on Campus Affairs and Handbook of Policies and Regulations.