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Disability Resources & Educational Services

Emergency Procedures

  1. Medical Emergencies
  2. Medical Transportation
  3. Fire
  4. Tornado
  5. Pandemic Flu Plan

Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency students are to contact 9-911 and arrange for immediate medical assistance. McKinley Health Center also serves as a support for University of Illinois students. McKinley Health Center provides 24-hour nurse coverage, available by calling Dial-a-Nurse at 333-2700. McKinley also offers a direct line service to students with disability-related illnesses at 244-5324.

Carle and Christie both have Convenient Care Centers open until 8pm. Carle Convenient Care's number is 324-1373, and Christie Convenient Care's number is 366-8130.

Information regarding the programs and services of McKinley Health Services can be accessed here.

All Beckwith supported residents are responsible for all health care and medical costs in emergency and non-emergency situations.

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Medical Transportation

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, residents should call 9-911 and arrange transportation through the use of an ambulance. When contacting 9-911, the nature of the illness should be conveyed so that the ambulance is staffed with Emergency Medical Technicians who are aware of the resident`s medical needs.

At those times when the illness or injury does not appear to be a life-threatening emergency, Beckwith supported residents may contact the DRES transportation office and arrange for a bus to transport them to McKinley Health Center (MHC) and/or the local hospital facilities. This service is only available during regularly scheduled hours. At all other times, residents are required to make transportation arrangements either through 9-911 or through private arrangements (e.g., family, friend, taxi). BECKWITH EMPLOYEES (e.g., Disability Advocates, Personal Assistants) ARE NOT LICENSED TO TRANSPORT RESIDENTS.

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Nugent Hall utilizes a "Defend in Place" strategy in responding to a triggered fire alarm. This is the strategy recommended by the National Fire Protection Association to protect the residents of facilities such as those lving in Nugent Hall with severe physical disabilities.  Beckwith Administrative Staff and those serving in an Emergency Responder Roles are trained to assess the situation and to protect residents who are unable to evacuate until the fire department personnel arrive.

Beckwith residents with disabilities who are in their rooms when the fire alarm is triggered should remain in their rooms - individual room doors will automatically close. A member of the Beckwith Emergency Response Staff will come around to check on the status of residents.  If the alarm is triggered in a specific suite, the Emergency Responders will assist in removing residents in the suite that triggered the alarm, if it is safe to enter.   Please further note that the Beckwith program space contains a comprehensive sprinkler system that will be triggered when circumstances require it to do so.


Everyone in any Nugent Hall public areas should exit the building as quickly as possible, or find a place of rescue/refuge within identified spaces, if located elswhere in Nugent Hall.

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The Emergency Responders #1 and #2  are responsible for checking to see how many students are in bed, and assuring that all other students are proceeding to the designated safety areas.

All students, when in their wheelchairs, are to move to the first floor hallway. They have the option to also relocate to the Nugent basement if they are up in their chairs.  Students are to take locations away from the front doors and any windows. Students who are in bed are given the choice to get up or be covered with blankets to protect them from any debris.

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Pandemic Flu Plan

Beckwith Residential Support Services has an established Pandemic Flu Plan in conjunction with DRES and the greater University of Illinois community. Each Beckwith supported resident with the assistance of Beckwith Disability Specialist develops a personalized plan for evacuation in the event of a pandemic outbreak.

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