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Disability Resources & Educational Services

Housing Support Services

  1. Laundry Services
  2. Daily Room Services
  3. Maintenance
  4. Computer Tech Support
  5. Parking

Laundry Services

The following guidelines describe University Housing policies, procedures, and expectations regarding the pick–up, cleaning, and delivery of BRSS laundry.

At the beginning of each semester BRSS residents are given a specific day of the week that their beds will have sheets changed and clothes cleaned by a University Housing Building Service Worker (BSW). 

Resident laundry responsibilities

  • Place laundry in the hall (outside room door) by 9:00 am in a laundry basket.  Basket to be provided by resident.
  • Place clean linen out for BSW to remake bed.
  • Provide High Efficiency (HE) laundry soap, softener, spot remover and ammonia for individual laundry needs.
  • Once container is ¾ empty, a card is placed with the laundry listing the item/items needing to be refilled. It is the responsibility of the student to supply needed items.  Laundry will not be processed without necessary items.
  • Provide written directions for any special instructions for personal laundry, e.g., "please do not put in dryer."
  • Any items needing to be air dried will be brought to the student’s room wet and it will be the student’s responsibility to hang item in their room.
  • Clean laundry will be returned to the students room and it will be the student's responsibility to put laundry away.  Articles will be returned within a 48 hour parameter. (Routinely returned same day)
  • When a student/resident misses the scheduled laundry date they are responsible for paying their staff to do their laundry in the main Nugent student/resident laundry room. You cannot hold the laundry until the next scheduled laundry service date as it would double the amount of loads for housing and be a time constraint."

Building Service Worker laundry responsibilities

  • Strip bed linen and remakes the bed with clean linen.
  • Take dirty laundry to laundry room.
  • Clean, fold, and place clean clothes in bags and return to resident room.

Non-routine laundry (laundry services outside scheduled day)

  • ALWAYS place articles in a white plastic bag and label, using a permanent marker on the bag, with your name and room number. Soiled articles should be rinsed before placing in bag.
  • Contact Beckwith Administrator on duty to transport closed bag to the counter in the BRSS laundry room.
  • Fill out an i-service request online each time non-routine laundry is left in the BRSS laundry room. 
  • If it is an article that needs immediate attention, make sure to mark it as an emergency when filling out the i-service request.  Give as much information as possible, e.g.,"I need the seat cushion to my power chair cleaned and returned ASAP.  I can’t use my chair without it."

Articles will be returned within a 48-hour parameter.

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Daily Room Services

  • BSW makes bed, empties garbage, sweeps and mops floor.  Shared bathroom is clean and sanitized.
  • On scheduled weekly laundry day all furniture/surfaces are dusted along with regular daily services.

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Fill out an i-service request online for any maintenance requests.  We are in North Ikenberry, Nugent Hall.  There are step by step instructions to guide you.

Do not use this system in an emergency situation (see below).

iServiceDesk is easy to use and does not require a password or special codes. Simply make a selection from the list of options on the left and follow the instructions.

iService Desk is used to request all routine maintenance/repair work and cleaning requests. Work Requests submitted via iServiceDesk are processed Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 4:00PM. If you have not seen a response in 4 days, please email Facilities Operations rather than submit another work request.

If you need to cancel your request, please email Facilities Operations.

Instructions for using iServiceDesk:

  • When submitting a work request please make separate requests for distinct tasks (e.g. clogged tub drain; light out; cable TV problem, etc.) since different jobs will need to be given to different workers.
  • Choose Building Services for Lights/Cleaning/Moving/Furniture set ups or repairs
  • Choose Maintenance for all other Repairs.

In an EMERGENCY situation have the FLOATER contact the Administrative staff, including the Disability Advocates on duty.

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Computer Tech Support

Housing provides a full complement of technology support services.  You can find out what services are provided, request services, find out hours of operations at the Housing Technology web page.  The Technology Help page is a good place to begin to get some of your questions answered.  If you need the assistance of a technician, you need to fill out a service ticket request here

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Beckwith supported residents can purchase a parking permit for their vehicles in lot E-14, the same location as other long term resident parking.  It is the resident's responsibility to secure assistance in retrieving their vehicle.

Beckwith supported residents who need their vehicles on a daily basis, may request a parking pass for lot E-20.  This option is available by special request only.  The request is made through the Beckwith Admistrative staff who will work with the University Housing Service Desk personnel to review E-20 parking access.  Information about purchasing permits and current student parking rates can be found at the Facilities and Services Parking Department.

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