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Installing Jaws

JAWS Installation Instructions

Set environment variable

To connect to the network license, you will need to set the system environment variable "LSHOST".

Windows 10

  1. Login as asministrator
  2. Open your settings window
  3. In the search box, type “environment variables”
  4. Select “Edit the system environmental variables for your account”
  5. In the System Environment Variables dialog box, in the system variables section look for:
    1. Variable Name: LSHOST
    2. Variable Value: jaws.webstore.illinois.edu
  6. If this is not listed, select New and add:
    1. Variable Name: LSHOST
    2. Variable Value: jaws.webstore.illinois.edu
  7. Select ok to exit dialog boxes.
  8. NOTE: If the system or user environment variable includes "LSFORCEHOST", remove it.  You should only have "LSHOST" set.

Screenshot of System Environment variables with LSHOST highlighted

Installing JAWS

  • Download JAWS
  • You will need to have an active internet connection while installing.
  • You may be asked for permission to make changes to your computer before the installation begins.
  • The user agreement will come up and the installation will begin
  • Your screen may flicker and dialog boxes may appear and disappear during the installation
  • When you reboot, it may take longer than usual for the complete reboot, JAWS is doing additional configuring and will resume
  • Select NEXT on the screen that comes up to complete the Startup Wizard
  • Assign the Windows 10 shortcut key "Control+Alt+J" to start JAWS.
  • Once set up is completed, you are ready to go!