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Disability Resources & Educational Services

Me Book

ME Book Table of Contents

Sample Me Book

Section 1: Disability Specific Attributes

  • Include: Letter from MD which gives more specific info on individual
  • Medications/dose/frequency- if you want a week put in a pill container-a PA can set it up for you if you want them to.
  • Signs and symptoms for dealing with certain symptoms/or secondary conditions (UTI’s, sleep apnea, seizure disorder, spasms, contractures, Autonomic Dysreflexia, Orthostatic Hypotension, blood sugar…)
  • Immunization record-especially tetanus, meningitis…
  • List allergies to medicine or food, what happens if you’re exposed to allergen, and treatment.
  • Post-surgical implants (rods, fusing of bones, plates/screws, pacemaker...)

Section 2: Daily Schedule

  • AM Routine-the more specific the better; include any cautions for transferring… if you have a rod or something that would limit your flexibility
  • Bedtime Routine-the more specific the better
  • Toileting Routine-the more specific the better
  • Stretching/walking…
  • Care/directions of any specific appliances/aids
    • Catheters, braces…
    • Include Cleaning care of these appliances as well.
    • bi-pap, c-pap, g-tube, j-tube, suctioning equipment, O2 concentrator...

Section 3: Showering/ Bowel programs

  • Detailed directions and preferences of shower routine (best if step by step bullets)
  • Detailed directions if a Bowel Program is utilized
  • Signs and symptoms individual experiences if constipated and ways to alleviate.

Section 4: Wheelchair Maintenance/Charging Instructions

  • Provide details of type of wheelchair
  • Include Serial numbers, and insurance information if maintenance is required
  • Have picture to show where/how to charge chair. Give written directions also.
  • Have pictures which show how to put chair in manual, and any other important information about chair.

Section 5: Miscellaneous (anything that doesn't fit in another column, but would be helpful information)

  • Instructions/warranties for electronic equipment (computers, phones, Assistive Technology...)
  • Financial Aid/Vocational Rehab counselor contact information
  • Copy of Letter of Accommodation