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Moving In - Early Arrival - Late Departure

  1. Moving In
  2. Policy and Procedures for Early Arrivals and Late Departures

Moving In

Live-in Personal Assistants and Mentors may move in anytime after 9:00 am on the Monday of move-in week. New students may move in anytime between 9:00 a.m. - 1:00pm, on Tuesday of move in week, for the fall semester.  All other first floor Nugent Hall residents may move in according to the University Housing Schedule. Returning students are asked to communicate with the Beckwith Administrative Staff about their expected arrival date for planning purposes.

All residents with disabilities requiring personal assistant (PA) service must be examined by their personal physician and deemed to be in good health. Students are not allowed to reside at Nugent Hall and receive Beckwith support whose state of health is deemed to be so poor and/or unstable as to exceed the service capacity of BRSS. Residents are advised to have any invasive medical procedures conducted a minimum of two months prior to arrival on campus and moving into Nugent Hall . Any less time may compromise placement at Nugent Hall.  Please advise Beckwith Administrative Staff of any procedures by July 15th for fall semester and December 15th for spring semester.

Each student applying for Beckwith Residential Support Services must provide the following information for his/her file:

  1. Medical history since disability occurred—if the record is quite lengthy, a summary is sufficient.
  2. General health status to date, including respiratory status, sitting tolerance, skin condition (include past history of skin ulcers) and medications (dosage and frequency).
  3. Bowel and bladder management (include technique and schedule, UTI history and treatment).
  4. ADL (activities of daily living) status or level of functional independence (e.g., ability to transfer, dress, bathe)
  5. Submission of either BRSS Program Application for incoming residents or Beckwith Residential Support Services (BRSS) Annual Disability Management Assessment for returning residents
  6. Letter from primary physician stating that current health condition is stable and that no invasive medical procedures have been done within two months of moving into Nugent Hall.
  7. Letter(s) from medical specialists indicated by diagnoses/medical equipment used by the resident that requires specific documentation (specified by BRSS professional staff) after reviewing documents in question #5.

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Policy and Procedures for Early Arrivals and Late Departures

Policy: Beckwith Residential Support Services (BRSS) will make every effort to accommodate students with academic and/or work related obligations necessitating early arrival and/or late departure.  In all such situations, BRSS will adhere to the early arrival/late departure schedule of University Housing for Nugent Hall.  Additionally, BRSS reserves the right to decline such requests when it is unable to identify or maintain sufficient personal assistant and/or supervisory personnel to safely and effectively accommodate students requesting early arrival/late departure.

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Procedure for Early Arrivals

Only residents with academic or work related reasons may request to arrive prior to the official opening of Nugent Hall/Beckwith Residential Support Services.  The resident requesting early arrival must:

  1. Pay University Housing the required daily charge for room/board.
  2. Pay BRSS the required daily charge for personal assistant (PA) services.
  3. Have all PA shifts covered by PA staff (the BRSS floater is not available to assist with ADLs during early arrival/late departure period).
  4. Submit a written request to the BRSS Associate Director by:
    • 5:00 pm on Final Exam Reading Day of the fall term preceding the spring term for which early arrival/late departure is being requested.
    • 5:00 pm on July 15th for fall semester early arrival.

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Fall Semester—Early Arrivals

  1. Residents, including mentor, live-in PA staff and those requesting early arrivals for academic/work needs can move in beginning at 9:00am on Monday of move-in week.
  2. BRSS will provide full floater services beginning with the 8:00 pm to midnight shift on Monday of move-in week.

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Spring Semester—Early Arrivals

  1. BRSS will open for limited services at noon on the Wednesday before classes begin at the University of Illinois.
  2. BRSS will provide administrative staff support during business hours for early arrivals, however, floater service will not be available between 8:00 am and 6 pm.
  3. Floaters will be scheduled for early arrivals for the 8:00pm-midnight and midnight -8 am shifts.
  4. Disability Advocates will be on-call in the evenings for early arrivals Beckwith supported residents.

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Late Departures

  1. Beckwith supported residents may request a late departure due to graduation only.  This request needs to be made to the Associate Director no less than 20 business days prior to graduate so that adequate floater staff may be scheduled as needed.

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