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Disability Resources & Educational Services

Accommodations and Supports for Students with Nonvisible Disabilities

While DRES has a longstanding national reputation for providing accommodations and an accessible campus for students with visible disabilities since 1948, we have also been providing outstanding services to students with nonvisible disabilities for more than 25 years.

Over 20 years ago, DRES noticed a need in students coming to campus and having trouble succeeding due to having a learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, psychiatric condition, and/or ADHD and began offering more complex support services in addition to academic accommodations, assistive technology, and access.  These are offered by our learning disabilities/ADHD specialist who works with student on compensatory strategies in test preparation, test taking, reading comprehension, and written expression and our four licensed clinical psychologists and additional mental health professionals who provide supports and services to our students with ADHD, acquired brain injury, autism spectrum disorders, and psychiatric disabilities. 

To registered DRES students, we provide academic coaching (for organization, time management, structure, prioritizing, and motivation), group therapy, and individual therapy appointments without session limits at no cost to the student.  However, we do charge No Show Fees if appointments are not cancelled within 24 hours.  Most universities do not provide this service at all and we are not required to do so. We do this because we feel it is a very valuable service for students and has a major impact on their lives and academic success. Students may also seek mental health services through the Counseling CenterMcKinley Mental Health, or various community agencies.

Academic consultation and screening is also offered for any University of Illinois student who is experiencing difficulty with their academic course work and suspects that he or she may have an undiagnosed disability such as ADHD or a learning disability.

DRES also provides comprehensive supports for students with autism.