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Questions to ask Outsourcing Captioning Company

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Date Contacted:

  1. Cost:
    • Charge per hour?
    • Charge per video?
    • Char per labor hour?
    • Minimum charge?
    • Rush fee?
    • Charge per 64 character line?
    • Discount for large volume?
    • Extra charge for STEM?
    • Extra charge for foreign language?
    • Extra charge for foreign accents?
    • Extra charge for more than one speaker?
    • Verbatium?
    • Cost for multiple export files?
    • Do we need to buy software to interface with your portal?
    • What is the charge per software/site liscence?
    • Cost for timecoded file if we provide the transcript?
  2. Turnaround Time:
    • Normal videos?
    • Large batch?
    • Rush job?
  3. Input format:
    • Is there a size limit?
    • Is there a server limit?
    • What formats do you accept?
  4. How do you prioritize large volumes of work?
  5. Can we upload a batch or do we have to upload individually?
  6. Export formats:
    • Transcript only
    • Can we get more than one file type out?
    • Roll-on?
    • Pop-on?
    • Do you keep an archive of our work so if we need to export to a different format later on, we can update or files?
  7. File exchange:
    • Is there a server limit
    • Do you have a way to identify different jobs for different departments on campus?
    • If the video gets corrupted in the transfer, do I get charged twice?
  8. DCMP:
    • What level of accuracy do you guarantee?
    • Do you follow the DCMP?
    • How do you handle speaker ID?
    • How do you handle sound effects?
    • What do you do for things (names usually) you don’t know how to spell?
    • What do you do for things when you don’t know what is said?
  9. Reference:
    • Can we have a reference?
    • Who uses your services?
    • What is their chief complaint/suggestion that they would like to you implement?
  10. Do you offer a trial period?
  11. What type of support do you offer?
  12. Do you do error fixing for free in the export format?
  13. When is customer support available and what is the usual wait time?
  14. How is billing handled?
    • How do we breakup different department charges?