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Disability Resources & Educational Services

Physical Therapy and Fitness

Physical Therapy (PT) and Fitness provides opportunities for strength development, physical conditioning and functional training for DRES students whose disabilities limit the effective utilization of the fitness and recreational resources and programs which are otherwise available to Illinois students.

Through participation in the programs offered by physical therapy and fitness, students with physical disabilities are afforded the opportunity to maximize their functional potential, relieve stress, improve health and increase their tolerances relative to the rigorous demands of campus life through the milieu of exercise, stretching, and activites such as body weight supported treadmill walking.

Physical therapy and fitness is staffed by one physical therapist, graduate assistants with background experience in athletic training and/or physical therapy, and part-time strength and conditioning specialists with expertise in adapting exercise and enhancing mobility.

The physical therapist and graduate assistants aid students in developing and implementing personal exercise programs, particularly for developing and maintaining range of motion, strength, endurance, and mobility.

The staff can also assist students with the development of transfer skills, e.g., getting back into a wheelchair from the floor, manual wheelchair skills, and gait training with or without assistive devices.

Students can participate in physical therapy and fitness programs on an informal non-credit basis, or they may register for a credit course.

Supplemental to the active therapy program, a limited number of physical agents are available for the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunction.

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