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Disability Resources & Educational Services

Temporary Injuries

We are sorry that you have sustained a temporary injury this semester and know that this can be stressful for you.  We wanted to include some information about Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) and temporary injuries to help you be better informed about what DRES can and cannot help with during this time. 

First, temporary injuries do not qualify as disabilities and are not covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Most disability service offices do not provide any support for temporary injuries. However, DRES does work with University of Illinois students who have sustained a temporary injury by providing limited temporary accommodations for up to one semester at a time. If a temporary injury continues to impact you for longer than a semester, you will have to schedule a meeting with your Access Specialist at the beginning of each new semester for which you wish to be accommodated.

Examples of temporary accommodations may include the following:  utilizing the DRES transportation services to get around campus if you have a lower body injury; having an accessible desk placed in a classroom if you cannot access the standard desks due to an injury; or utilizing extended time on exams, computer, or scribe for a dominant arm or hand injury. If you are seeking accommodations for a temporary injury, you will work with an Access Specialist who will help to determine which accommodations are most appropriate for you.

To register for temporary accommodations, please complete the application for services and then provide us with documentation of your injury which may include a note from your doctor, your discharge summary, etc. Documentation must state your diagnosis.

Please note that even though these are temporary accommodations, they do take time to set up so please contact us as soon as possible and know that it may take 2-5 business days to get them in place.  It is important to note that accommodations through DRES—including accommodations for temporary injuries—are not retroactive. Therefore, you must have completed the registration process and been notified that you are registered for services by an Access Specialist before you may begin receiving accommodations. DRES cannot assist you with disability-related matters that occurred prior to completing the registration process.

Also, if you have missed classes, assignments, exams, etc. due to your temporary injury, you may contact the Student Assistance Center (SAC) in the Office of the Dean of Students to request an absence letter or notification.  Please call 217.333.0050 during business hours or send an email to helpdean@illinois.edu to submit your request. It is important to note, however, that with a few exceptions, excusing absences and permitting make up work is at the discretion of the individual professor, with or without a communication from the Office of the Dean of Students. For more information about how class attendance is managed at the University, see the Student Code of Conduct.