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Master of Public Health

Assess community needs. Develop innovative solutions. Implement impactful programs and policies. Focus on prevention. Build stronger, healthier communities.

Financial Aid & Scholarships


The Illinois MPH Program has limited scholarships available, ranging from $1,000-$10,000 per year.  Scholarships are awarded based on merit and/or need.  There is no separate scholarship application.  The application materials a student submits for admission are used to determine scholarship awards.

In order to be eligible to be considered for a scholarship, student applications must be submitted by the priority deadline of March 1st, 2020.

Students who are offered a scholarship will be notified by early March.


Like many professional degree programs, our program does not offer or accept tuition waivers. However, there are still many opportunities for financial assistance. Students may apply for hourly positions as: 1) graders for undergraduate courses, 2) graduate research assistants who work on faculty research projects, and 3) graduate assistantships. Additionally, some MPH graduate students may obtain paid internships locally, nationally, or internationally from their sponsoring organizations as they fulfill their Applied Practice Experience (APE) requirements.

General information on assistantships and employment opportunities can be found at:

Students may also explore financial aid through The Office of Student Financial Aid:

NOTE: Students should be aware that even if they are hired for assistantships or awarded fellowships, the MPH Program does not accept tuition waivers, even if another department offers to grant the waiver.

The MPH program does honor statutory waivers which are authorized by the State of Illinois legislation. List of statutory waivers.

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