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Community Health

Examine public health issues. Create innovative solutions. Build stronger communities. Learn about health and rehabilitation services, and become an agent of change.

master of science in health technology


Students can tailor the program through the selection of 12 hours of elective coursework from a variety of Departments.  (All course prerequisites must be met prior to enrolling in elective courses).

Approved Health Technology Electives

Code Course
BIOE 414: Bioinstrumentation
BIOE 415: Bioinstrumentation Lab
BIOE 416: Biosensors
BIOE 507: Advanced Bioinstrumentation
BIOE 598 JI: Finite Element Mthds in Biomed
BIOE 598 NIE: Surgical Technologies
CHLH 421: HealthData Analysis
CHLH 470: Technology, Health, and Aging
CHLH 494: Health Technology and Health Behavior
CS 440: Artificial Intelligence
CS 465: User Interface Design
CS 565: Human-Computer Interaction
KIN 474: Tech-Driven Health Interven
ECE 422: Computer Security I
ECE 437: Sensors and Instrumentation
ECE 470: Introduction to Robotics
ECE 498: Smartphone Computing & Applications
IE 445: Human Performance and Cognition in Context
IE 528: Computing for Data Analytics
IE 529: Stats of Big Data & Clustering
IE 531: Algorithms for Data Analytics
IE 532: Analysis of Network Data
IE 533: Big Graphs and Social Networks
IE 534: Deep Learning
IE 546: Human Factors in HCES
IE 547: Healthcare Operations and Systems
ME 481: Whole-Body Musculoskel Biomech
RST 429: Contemporary Issues in Recreation, Sport and Tourism
RST 441: Community Planning and Engagement
RST 501: Concepts & Applications in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism
RST 502: Critical Issues Recreation Mgt
RST 520: Critical Issues Sport Mgt
RST 586: Health and Leisure in RST
SHS 473: Augmentative & Alt Comm
SHS 553: Hearing Aids and Amplification
SHS 555: Comm Lang Probs Hear Impaired
SHS 556: Sens Proth Devices Hear Loss
SHS 580: Cochlear Implants
Other electives with advisor approval.

Total Hours: 12

Contact Information

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  • Department of Kinesiology and Community Health
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  • 1206 S. Fourth Street
  • Champaign, IL 61820
  • Phone: 217-333-9708
  • Email: healthtech@illinois.edu