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Why should I-Health undergraduates consider earning both BS and MPH degrees?

A MPH degree provides I-Health students an excellent opportunity to build upon interdisciplinary coursework in health. Many I-Health students will find the professional MPH degree appealing. The MPH provides skills in public health practice that prepares students for a variety of public health careers, many of which involve interdisciplinary cross-cutting health issues. Of course, an undergraduate degree in I-Health is a strong background for advanced study in public health. The MPH can be appropriate for students considering careers in health care such as medicine, nursing or social work. Obtaining both clinical training and an MPH degree opens up career opportunities.


When I-Health students enter the BS-MPH program, what approved courses do they take prior to the end of their 4th (senior) year that count for both BS and MPH degrees?

  1. CHLH 410 Public Health Practice (4 credit hours, offered fall and spring terms). It is preferable to enroll in the MPH section (section B) of this course offered in fall of senior year. Students will be instructed how to enroll in the MPH section upon admission to the BS-MPH.
  2. CHLH 469 Environmental Health (3-4 credit hours, offered spring term only). BS-MPH students who take CHLH 469 in their senior year will enroll in the 4 credit hour MPH section in spring term.
  3. Choose one 400-level course that counts toward the BS degree and toward the MPH degree (listed below). CHLH 456 Organization of Health Care is a required I-Health course that is an approved MPH elective course. Students need not take a separate elective course to count towards the MPH program.


Are there any pre-requisite courses I need to take before applying for the BS-MPH program?

The I-Health curriculum requires CHLH 274 Introduction to Epidemiology. This course is a pre-requisite for I-Health majors applying for BS-MPH program. Applicants must complete this course before applying and must achieve a B or higher.

The I-Health curriculum requires STAT 100 Introduction to Statistics (or an equivalent course). This is NOT a pre-requisite for applying. However, a good grade in this course will strengthen the application.


I am interested in the BS-MPH. What are the next steps?

  1. Attend an MPH open house on the BS-MPH program (dates and times announced each term)
  2. Review the MPH website ( and the general BS-MPH FAQs on the website that provides a detailed information about the BS-MPH program. In particular, understand the characteristics of strong applicants, how to apply for the program, the MPH degree requirements, and the course schedule during the 5th year.
  3. Meet with your undergraduate advisor to ensure you have room in your schedule to take the BS and MPH courses in by the end of senior year.
  4. Contact for questions or more information.

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