4 students hanging out at the Illini Union outdoors on a warm day

James Scholar Honors Program

Challenge yourself to impact the future.

Class of 2022

The graduating seniors in the James Scholar Honors Program leave us with some memories and advice…

What does being a James Scholar mean to you?

Cherish Recera

"Being a James Scholar means that you're an individual who takes initiative to constantly learn and grow."

Cameron Taylor

"Being a James Scholar offered me an opportunity to take my education to the next level. Being able to work on a more personal level with my professors was such a great experience. I couldn't be more honored to have worked with the great faculty that we have at AHS."

Lydia Fleming

"Being a James Scholar has been an outstanding experience. Not only have I been able to form amazing relationships with faculty and staff, I also have made life long friends."

Sarah Robinson

"Being a James Scholar, along with the high academic performance it entails, challenges a student to enrich scholarly activity through completing a James Scholar project each semester that facilitates direct faculty interaction, research, global and community engagement, as well as leadership."

Ryan Harrison

"Being a James Scholar really means so much to me. I got to build relationships with my professors, complete exciting projects, and work extremely hard for my successes."

Do you have any advice for prospective or current students in the program or college?

Zehra Rizvi

"Don't be afraid to reach out to your professors or TAs! You'd be surprised at how many great resources they have to help you."

Molly Mehta

"Being a part of this program makes the big campus just a little smaller. My advice is to let this program be a tool that you utilize in creating a solid undergraduate experience that allows you to embrace your passions and be a true member of the AHS JS community."

Shivali Shukla

"Don't be afraid to take on a project that seems daunting or different from what you're used to!"

Samantha Glicken

"Take advantage of office hours. Your professors are here to help and want to see their students succeed!"

What was your favorite AHS memory?

Swathi Karri

"I loved going to my Kinesiology classes and every professor made lectures captivating because they were extremely passionate about the course topics."

Grace Malone

"Sitting in SHS 170 and realizing that I finally knew I wanted to be a speech-language pathologist and I had a clear path of my future in mind."

Sarah Hauenstein

"Being on the James Scholar Board."

Margo Lanier

"I loved working the AHS welcome day in the fall! It was so fun to meet new people and tell the new students about the RSO's on campus."