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James Scholar Honors Program

Challenge yourself to impact the future.

Honors Projects

When students choose to complete an Honors Project through a regular course, there is no set format students and instructors must follow. The expectation is that the project expands on the course information and allows the student to interact with the course material on a deeper level.

Honors Project Options

Students can choose one of any of the following options to complete an honors projects. There are no restrictions on how many of each kind of project you can choose.


  • CHP (Chancellor’s Honors Program) course
  • James Scholar course/section
  • Regular course with honors project
  • Internship (RST 485, CHLH 485, IHLT 475, KIN 387)
    • Courses must be at least 2 graded credit hours. (To check how many graded hours the student is enrolled in, the student can log on to Self-Service > Registration and Records > Enhanced Registration > View Class Schedules. If the grade mode for the course is “Standard Letter,” then it will count toward the 12 hours.)
    • Students must receive a grade of B- or higher to fulfill the honors project.
    • Courses cannot be taken as Credit/No Credit, with the exception of RST 485 and CHLH 485.


  • Participate in the SPARK or START research program
  • Undergraduate research
    • Working in a research lab with a professor or graduate student
  • Presenting research at a campus symposium or regional/national professional event
    • Documentation from event or primary investigator/graduate student required

Community and Global Engagement

  • Study abroad (NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL SPRING 2022)
    • Courses abroad cannot be taken as Credit/No Credit
    • Submit portfolio from LAS 292 or AHS 292 assignment
  • Volunteer
    • 40 clock hours/semester in one setting
    • Documentation from volunteer supervisor required


  • Completion of an I-Program through the Illinois Leadership Center
    • Submit 2-3 page response paper
    • Submit completion certificate
  • Attending The Institute™ by Leadershape® through the Illinois Leadership Center
    • Verification of completion from The Illinois Leadership Center required

Honors Projects Guidelines and Examples


Honors project topics and formats are developed based on student and instructor interests and course topics. The expectation is that the project expands on the course information and allows the student to interact with the course material on a deeper level.

All projects must be approved by the student, instructor and the College of AHS and subject to academic standards of professionalism. Projects are expected to require at least 15 additional hours of work above the normal work required for the course.


  • Participate in 13 online conversations with Spanish-speaking students, with reflection paper
  • Volunteer for 10 hours at Campus Recreation Wellness event, with reflection paper
  • Explain and illustrate a psychological concept via an educational video
  • Prepare and deliver a 10-minute presentation to the class on how weather affects the student’s major
  • Complete and deliver a presentation on the Affordable Care Act
  • Formulate a research question that addresses the impact of exercise/physical activity on a disease and conduct a review of literature
  • Develop a public service announcement on a drug, including the history of the drug, historical and current uses, etc.
  • Complete 5 blog posts, in Spanish, reflecting on volunteer hours at a refugee center
  • Develop an article summary and presentation on a physics-based science article
  • Reading “Opening Skinner’s Box: great psychological experiments of the twentieth century,” with reflection paper

For questions, feel free to contact Dr. Tonya Pulley, AHS Honors Program Coordinator.