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Faculty Profile

Dominika Pindus

Dominika Pindus

Assistant Professor

Department of Kinesiology and Community Health

Ph.D. Sport, Exercise, and Health Sciences

Loughborough University



Curriculum Vitae:
Pindus CV.pdf

Dr. Pindus’s research focuses on the effects of physically inactive and sedentary lifestyles on cognitive and brain health in children, adolescents and working-age adults. The overarching goal of her research program is to understand how sedentary lifestyles affect cognitive and brain functions and the underlying mechanisms. Her research combines the study of physical activity and sedentary patterns with testing the efficacy of novel intervention strategies to modify sitting patterns and improve executive functions. In her work, she integrates objective methods to assess physical activity and sedentary behaviors with cognitive and psychophysiological methods to understand the effects of physically inactive and sedentary lifestyles on executive functions and their neuroelectric correlates (event-related brain potentials). Her research further incorporates biomarkers to address mechanistic research questions.

Dr. Pindus directs a Physical Activity and Neurocognitive Health Laboratory, where she mentors graduate and undergraduate students. The laboratory provides research experience opportunities to students across campus.