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RST 180 Tour Highlights

Now in its third year, the RST 180 “A Hall of Fame Adventure” course provides students an immersive, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore, discuss, compare and contrast high-profile RST destinations, facilities, and professions, apply concepts from the classroom as students tour facilities, and bond with a strong and proud network of Illini out in the field.


  • Participated in the fan experience, architecture, and game management strategies of the Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates in their home venues (Progressive Field and PNC Park).
  • Interacted directly with the history of University of Illinois and the Cleveland Browns in a tour of First Energy led by 1982 NFL man of the year and Illini legend Doug Dieken (AHS 71).
  • Humbled by the sheer force of Niagara Falls and proud to celebrate the retirement of Director Mark Thomas (AHS 75) in orange and blue style.
  • Experienced the “Summer of Love” at the site of the Woodstock Rock Festival (Bethel, NY) the bloodiest battlefield in the history of North America at Gettysburg, and “the miracle” which occurred in Lake Placid at the 1980 Olympic Games.
  • Celebrated the history and impact of Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and Rock and Roll on the actual sites where they were founded (Cooperstown NY, Canton OH, and Cleveland OH).

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