Study participation 2023

AHS Study Participation

The College of Applied Health Sciences is home to vast and varied research agendas in the areas of public health, injury prevention, tourism, marketing, management, healthy lifestyles, speech and hearing science and more. If you want to take part in any of our studies, please check our current listings below (as of July 1).



Do you have a child between the ages of 8 and 10?

Your child will participate in seven 2.5-hour visits and take a daily gummy over nine months. Activities include height, weight and eye health measurements, reading and math related questions, computer tasks and parent questionnaires. Families will receive up to $300, plus $10 per visit for travel costs. Parking provided. To learn more, email or call 217-300-1667.

Children needed for paid study about hearing in noisy environments

We are recruiting children for a paid research study focused on how to improve children's speech understanding in noisy environments. We’re looking for children 5-17 years old and who speak English as their first language. The study lasts approximately one hour. Children are paid $15 per hour. Parking is free. Daytime, evenings and weekends are available. Email for info!

Seeking children ages 8-11 for a study on plant-based food consumption!

Children ages 8-11 sought for a study on the impact of daily consumption of plant-based snacks on physical and cognitive development and health. If eligible, your child will visit our lab (6-8 times) for procedures, including bone density scans, measurements, blood draws and cognitive assessments as well as simple at-home procedures. Participants receive snacks and compensation ($500-$700). Email if you are interested.


Maternal Mindfulness to prevent depression and reduce postpartum pain

Are you a Latina woman who had a planned cesarean delivery in the past 12 months? We are looking for women (aged 18-45) to help us develop a mindfulness intervention for Latina women who plan to deliver by cesarean. Eligible participants will complete a brief online survey and receive a $10 electronic gift card. Contact us today at 217-244-9363 or

Stress, Emotions, and Pain in the Postpartum Period Interview (SEPPPI)

Did you give birth in the past 12 months? Have you currently or previously experienced stress, sadness, low mood, other sad emotions, and pain since childbirth? We are conducting individual phone interviews for women (aged 18-45) to learn how emotions and pain are experienced by women postpartum. Contact us today at (217) 244-9363 or Participants will be paid.

Seeking pregnant women for fetal hearing study

Seeking female participants between 20 and 32 weeks pregnant for research to better understand what fetuses hear on a daily basis. Participants will wear a small audio device that measures sound exposure for their baby. Participants will be paid for each measurement session they complete. Call 217-300-6212 or email or



Virtual Reality to Support Engagement Opportunities

Researchers at the Human Factors and Aging Lab are seeking participants for a study (three hours, $60 in compensation) to engage with virtual reality applications and understand user preferences. Participants must be 65+, speak and read English and be able to commute to campus. For more info, please contact the research team at 217-265-9489 or


Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment

We are exploring challenges encountered in daily activities for older adults (60+) with a history of a stroke. If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulty with thinking, memory or concentration, we would like to learn from your experiences via videochat to develop solutions. Participants will be paid. Contact or 217-265-0885.