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Current AHS students wishing to pursue a degree in another program should first meet with their advisor to discuss the process. The student will work with their advisor to ensure they have mapped out the plan thoroughly. Students should note that the college where they intend to pursue the other major may require a more detailed petition process. Students who are not AHS students who do not come with an intent request form from their college should use the AHS dual degree request form as well. Attached to these forms should be a detailed outline of the student's academic plan to complete both degrees. Approval of dual degree status is dependent on the feasibility of the student to successfully complete both programs in ten (10) semesters. Please note that Applied Health Sciences students cannot pursue a double major within the College of Applied Health Sciences.

Students seeking dual degree candidacy must complete the full application process, including securing appropriate advising and being approved at the departmental and college levels according to the required schedule. Part of the planning process involves meeting with the advisors in each of the proposed majors to determine appropriate class choices and to assess whether a dual degree is the best way for the student to achieve their educational goals.

You must clearly show how the coursework for the second degree will be integrated with the coursework for your first degree. The planning form must also indicate the college of enrollment for each semester. Students are required to reside in AHS a minimum of one academic year (two semesters) in order to receive an AHS degree.

College of Applied Health Sciences Dual Degree Application