Each student is assigned an Expected Graduation Date, which represents the last semester for which he or she is authorized to register. Students in AHS are accorded a maximum of 10 semesters of eligibility for enrollment for completion of degree. The 10 semesters include enrollment in all post-secondary institutions attended, not just enrollment at U of I.

Students who complete their degree requirements in fewer than eight semesters and do not put their name on the degree list will be allowed to register for subsequent semesters.

  • Extensions of enrollment eligibility. Students may request approval for extended enrollment by consulting with the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs. An extension beyond 10 semesters requires extenuating circumstances, is rare, and is at the assistant dean's discretion. Extensions in most academic areas are prohibited because of crowded program conditions; for similar reasons, extensions are not granted for the purpose of completing a minor or pursuing a second baccalaureate degree.