Enrollment Status

Non-Degree Enrollment

Please consult with College office prior to attempting to register as a non-degree student. Applications for non-degree status are only accepted under specific circumstances and require a dean's signature. Registration begins on the fourth day of instruction and continues until noon of the eleventh day of instruction. (No late fee will be charged for these students.)

Registration Cancellation

If a student decides not to attend the academic term for which he or she is registered, he or she must use UI-Integrate Self-Service and drop all courses no later than 5:00 PM of the last business day before instruction for that term. This action is a cancellation which avoids any liability for payment of tuition and fees. If a student fails to exercise this option by the above deadline then he or she needs to withdraw from the University. The student must come to the College office and a withdrawal form must be completed by a dean. Once the term has started, you cannot drop your last class without withdrawing and may be responsible for tuition and/or fees.


If you are unable to complete the courses you began for a semester, you must initiate withdrawal from the University at the college office. You should not stop going to classes thinking that continued absence constitutes withdrawal. On the contrary, absence through the final examination period will mean that you fail those courses. A record of failures because of absences may make it difficult for you to return to this University or to enter another college or university.

You must obtain clearance for withdrawal from the college office and the Dean of Student’s office. You are urged to discuss your intended withdrawal with a dean and your parent(s) or guardian before initiating the clearance procedure. If you plan to “stop out”—that is, leave the University for a semester or longer after the end of a semester—formal withdrawal procedures are not required. However, a dean will be happy to talk with you about your plans while out of school and about re-entry procedures.