2024 KCH Awards

Congratulations, 2024 scholarships and awards winners! We are very proud of your achievements. You have shown us all the benefits of setting goals, hard work and excellence. We wish you the best as you move through your academic life.

2024 KCH award CherylCollege of Applied Health Sciences Dean Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell delivers opening remarks at the 2024 KCH awards ceremony
2024 KCH Awards KimKCH Department Head Kim Graber delivers her opening remarks at the KCH awards ceremony
2024 KCH Awards Patty Hudek-Vinh VoKCH adviser Patty Hudek presents the Jerry D. Burnam Student Scholarship to Vinh T. Vo
2024 KCH Awards Steve PKCH Professor Steve Petruzzello presents the Helga M. Deutsch Scholarship to Joel Emil
2024 KCH Awards Richards-StrittmayerKCH Associate Professor Kevin Richards presents the Kathleen M. Haywood Graduate Kinesiology Scholarship to Gabrielle Ryan Strittmater
2024 KCH award winnersKCH students celebrate their awards at the 2024 ceremony