Whether as part of a class project, thesis or dissertation, or collaboration with faculty on their grants, our graduate students conduct an impressive number of scientific investigations.

From leisure and mental health among cancer survivors or virtual reality and the environment to the economics of sport, tourism demand forecasting, and leisure and marital satisfaction among intercultural couples, our graduate students’ interests span a wide variety of topics in the field of recreation, sport, and tourism.

Diversity Research Lab

The Diversity Research Lab is a leader in interdisciplinary research on issues of race, ethnicity, immigration, gender, disability, and leisure. Its goal is to advocate diversity by facilitating, producing and disseminating multidisciplinary research dedicated to leisure as it relates to diverse and distinct communities.

Leisure, Health and Wellness Lab

The Recreation, Sport and Tourism Leisure, Health and Wellness Lab is headed by Dr. Laura Payne. The primary focus of research projects that Dr. Laura Payne is conducting with her colleagues and graduate students is on the role of leisure in the promotion and maintenance of health among older adults with one or more ongoing health conditions.

The Parks, Communities, and Health (PCH) Research Group

The Parks, Communities, and Health Research Group is dedicated to understanding how parks and other green spaces enhance health and well-being for various communities including marginalized groups, urban neighborhoods, and rural populations. Our Group fosters interdisciplinary collaborations to examine connections between people and their environments in ways that can advance theory and inform policymaking on recreation, public health, conservation, and community planning. 

Sport+Development Lab (SDL)

The SDL is home to faculty and graduate students researching the intersection of sport and development.