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Community Health

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Faculty: Applied Health Data Analytics

  • Hyojung Kang
    Hyojung Kang
    Assistant Professor


    “My research focuses on developing data-driven models for improvement of patient outcomes, system performance, and decision making. Using systems science and data analytics approaches, my work helps identify complex problems in healthcare delivery systems and public health as well as design and evaluate effective interventions”.

  • Shannon Mejía
    Shannon Mejía
    Assistant Professor


    “To truly support health and independence, health technologies must be sensitive to the context and complexity of life as it is lived. Thus, my research examines the processes by which older adults understand their health and use health technologies in daily life, with the goal of informing the development and implementation of technologies that are responsive to older adults’ dynamic needs, goals, and abilities.”

  • Chelsea R. Singleton
    Chelsea R. Singleton


    “My research examines how the retail food environment affects a person’s food shopping habits, dietary intake, and risk for diet-related chronic diseases. I focus my work on predominately low-income and minority communities because they often have limited access to stores that sell healthy foods. I primarily utilize epidemiologic and community-based participatory research methods to accomplish my research aims.”

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