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AHS/CHAD Poster Printer

An enhanced “high end” poster printer (HP Designjet Z6200) is available for use by all CHAD members

  • Poster Printer is located in Huff Hall Suite 104 and available for use by all CHAD members during normal business hours.
  • The cost of using the poster printer is approximately, $1.50 per square foot for regular glossy paper and $9.50 per square foot for the *NEW canvas paper. Detailed user information will be tied to a faculty member’s NET ID.
  • For AHS CHAD Members: Departments will be charged for their usage once every fiscal year.
  • For Non-AHS CHAD Members: A CFOAP will be required when submitting a poster, which will be charged at the end of the fiscal year.
  • If requesting to print on the canvas paper, please provide justification to be sent to your department head for approval before printing or your account number to be charged directly.
  • For Students: Student requests must be approved and submitted by the faculty sponsor following the guidelines above.
  • Individual print requests and questions should be submitted to chad-posters@ahs.illinois.edu.
  • Please allow up to three business days for printing. An email will be sent when poster is completed and ready to be picked up in Huff Hall Suite 104.

Poster size and formatting requirements:

  • Standard templates have been developed and are available for the design and printing of posters.
  • Any program can be used to create the poster, but to be printed, it must be converted to Adobe Acrobat format, either by “Save As” or by printing to Adobe PDF.
  • We recommend that one of the poster’s dimensions be 42 inches, which eliminates the need to trim the printout. At least one dimension must be less than or equal to 42 inches.
  • Photographs, graphics, or logos which look good on a monitor may not have enough resolution to print well. Viewing the PDF file at 200% zoom will help give an idea of the printed appearance.
  • Please proofread! Spellcheck and autocorrect will not fix correctly-spelled mistakes.


Size of poster to be printed

Regular or Canvas paper

If Canvas, Provide justification or acct #

Deadline (at least three business days after submission)

Is your poster in PDF form?

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