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Community Health

Examine public health issues. Create innovative solutions. Build stronger communities. Learn about health and rehabilitation services, and become an agent of change.

Faculty: Rehabilitation, Disability and Chronic Illness

  • Chung-Yi Chiu
    Chung-Yi Chiu
    Associate Professor


    “I conduct theory/model-driven studies of three main research themes—health promotion, psychosocial adjustment to disability and chronic illness, and social participation. These research studies are important to understand how people with disability and chronic illness live healthy, meaningful, and productive lives.”

    Website:Health Promotion & Rehabilitation Lab

  • Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell
    Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell
    Professor and Dean of AHS College


    “My research interests are preparing youth and adults with severe disabilities getting and keeping employment. This allows these individuals who would otherwise be excluded to become contributing and valued members of the community.”

  • Yih-Kuen Jan
    Yih-Kuen Jan
    Associate Professor


    “My research focuses on the development of clinical guidelines and assistive technologies for the improvement of quality of life in people with disabilities. I am also interested in evaluating the impact of the provision of assistive devices on the employment, social participation and quality of life in people with disabilities.”

  • Harshal Mahajan
    Harshal Mahajan
    Research Assistant Professor
  • Laura Rice
    Laura Rice
    Associate Professor


    “My research primarily focuses on management of secondary impairments associated with physical disabilities. As healthcare improves, individuals with disabilities are living longer but face new impairments, such as pain, mobility limitations and poor quality of life. I investigate interventions to keep people with disabilities active and healthy through their lifespan.”

    Website: Disability Participation & Quality of Life Research Laboratory

  • Wendy Rogers
    Wendy Rogers
    Khan Professor of Applied Health Sciences


    “My research supports successful aging through the design of technology. Older adults are involved in projects that focus on: personal, social, and telepresence robots; digital home assistants and other smart devices; applications to support medication adherence; and understanding the needs of people who are aging with sensory or mobility impairments.”

  • David Strauser
    David Strauser


    “My work focuses on increasing health and well-being of people with chronic health conditions by improving access and engagement in employment related activities.”