2024 SHS Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of 2024 scholarships and awards. The undergraduate and graduate students recognized within these pages have shown outstanding dedication and creativity in the pursuit of their personal and professional goals. We are very proud of your achievements. Click the link below to read the PDF program.

Pam Hadley Emily HarringtonSHS Department Head Pamela Hadley poses with Phyllis Ariens Burkhead Memorial Award winner Emily Harrington
Monson and award winnersSHS Associate Professor Brian Monson congratulates Rohit M. Ananthanarayana, Vahid Delaram and Jana Khudr.
Pasquale and studentsSHS Associate Professor Pasquale Bottalico congratulates winners Elizabeth Gremer, Makayla Owens, Isabella Lau, Sophie Campa, Megan Stemm and Charlie Nudelman
Campa Lau StemmSHS award winners Sophie Campa, Isabella Lau and Megan Stemm
Kaley Graves and studentsSHS award winners Kristen Osborn, Erin Heniff, Kaley Graves, Jana Khudr and Bisma Noor Choudhry