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Community Health

Examine public health issues. Create innovative solutions. Build stronger communities. Learn about health and rehabilitation services, and become an agent of change.

Faculty: Health Disparities

  • Kristen DiFilippo
    Kristen DiFilippo
    Teaching Assistant Professor


    “My research focuses on the use of apps to support nutrition education and health behavior change. My work centers on providing nutrition and health educators with tools and strategies to support behavior change for preventing and managing chronic diseases.”

  • Timothy Hale
    Timothy Hale
    Teaching Associate Professor


    “My research focuses on the design, implementation, and evaluation of health technologies that enable people to live healthy and active lives. I pay special attention to digital inequalities and study how differences in technology adoption and use contribute to social and health disparities. My goals are to ensure that new health technologies are equitable and contribute to reducing health disparities.”

  • Hyojung Kang
    Hyojung Kang
    Assistant Professor


    “My research focuses on developing data-driven models for improvement of patient outcomes, system performance, and decision making. Using systems science and data analytics approaches, my work helps identify complex problems in healthcare delivery systems and public health as well as design and evaluate effective interventions”.

  • Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo
    Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo
    Assistant Professor


    “My research focuses on mental health disparities in women and mothers, particularly racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, and veteran caregivers. I examine how psychosocial, cultural, structural, and physiological factors are associated with poor mental health in my populations of interest.”

  • Andiara Schwingel
    Andiara Schwingel
    Associate Professor


    “I study ways to improve the health of underserved populations (e.g,. U.S. Latino immigrants, older adults, and rural dwellers) through community health programs that are both culturallysensitive and sustainable. My research informs public health policy and practice that can lead to healthier communities.”