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Applied Health Sciences Alumni

Ensuring a bright future for AHS

AHS alumni carry the Illini and AHS spirit with them wherever they go, sharing a strong desire to use their talents, skills, and knowledge to improve the lives of others. We at AHS are always thrilled and honored when we learn of our alumni’s game-changing work.

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Engage with AHS

When you engage with the College of Applied Health Sciences you help to make it possible for us to offer scholarships to students who need them, provide career changing internships, build state-of-the-art learning environments, and expedite the next generation of innovation. Giving back, in any way, allows our students to stand on the shoulders of those that came before them, just as you did.

How can you engage?

Financial Partnership

The College of Applied Health Sciences is committed to academic work and innovation that improves the quality of life for all people throughout the lifespan. The financial investments of our graduates ensures that we will be able to prepare current and future generations of students to provide this life-changing care and find solutions to tomorrow's health concerns.

Talents & Time

Over the years, it has become clear that students value input and guidance from someone who works in their desired field and has been where they are today. We love it when our alumni return to campus to share their industry expertise, provide career guidance, mentor students, or partner with our faculty in research.

Sponsor an Internship

Is your business or employer looking for top-notch interns? You can give back to the College of Applied Health Sciences at Illinois by providing exciting internship opportunities for some of the most sought-after students in the country.

Be an evangelist

Finally, one of the most important things you can do to engage with AHS is to be an evangelist. This can be something as simple as wearing your Illini Orange and Blue on Friday’s or encouraging someone you know to consider an AHS graduate or undergraduate program. Evangelists honestly share about their experience while here at Illinois and the lasting impact it has had on their life. 

Alumni Awards

AHS Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award was established in 2007 to celebrate the diverse achievements of alumni of the College of Applied Health Sciences. The award recognizes high levels of professional and personal success that results in national or international renown.

See our Distinguished Alumni Award recipients here.

Harold Scharper Achievement Award

Harold Scharper was the first paraplegic to attend the University of Illinois. Following his death in 1950, the members of Delta Sigma Omicron (Disabled Student Organization) and friends established the Harold Scharper Achievement and Service/Humanitarian Awards in his memory. These awards were merged into one in 2012, as one of the annual alumni awards presented by the College of Applied Health Sciences. The Harold Scharper Achievement Award commemorates Mr. Scharper’s contributions, alongside founder Tim Nugent, to the development of Disability Resources and Educational Services, which created and equalized opportunities for individuals with disabilities on the Illinois campus long before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1991. Awardees are recognized for embodying Mr. Scharper’s groundbreaking achievements, advocacy, commitment to excellence, and selfless service in expanding opportunities for those with disabilities.

See the Harold Scharper Award recipients here.

Young Alumni Award

The Young Alumni Award was established in 2021 to recognize a graduate of the College of Applied Health Sciences who has achieved early success in their profession. The award recognizes leadership, community engagement, and contributions of time and talent to the university. The recipient must be thirty five (35) years of age or younger during the calendar year in which they receive the award.

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