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Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

Research social and behavioral science. Address human health holistically. Tailor your degree to prepare for the complexities of the health science industry.


Human health is too complex to be addressed with a single discipline.

Based on the premise that human health is too complex to be addressed within a single discipline, the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences (I-Health) degree program integrates knowledge from a variety of social and behavioral sciences fields such as psychology and sociology, as well as the applied health sciences.

The I-Health degree provides a foundation to understand health from perspectives related to individual lifestyle, family, community, and culture. The curriculum is grounded in a health-related understanding of the way people live their lives and engage with their family and community. The degree is structured to serve as an ideal pre-professional undergraduate program for a range of careers in the medical field, including medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and public health.

Students select one of three concentrations and customize it to include their specific interests in health by combining it with 24–28 free elective credits. The significant number of free electives will enable students to work with their academic advisor to design a program ideally suited to meet the entry requirements for post-graduate study in a range of biomedical and health-related graduate programs.