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Emerson Sebastião, PhD

Emerson Sebastião, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Kinesiology and Community Health


Curriculum Vitae:
Emerson Sebastiao_CV.pdf

Dr. Sebastião has a background in kinesiology and rehabilitation sciences and his research program is motivated by the positive benefits of a physically active lifestyle and exercise training on health and the detrimental effects on health of an inactive lifestyle. Using both quantitative and qualitative methods of research inquiry, Dr. Sebastião’s research focuses on topics investigating factors influencing physical activity participation, health consequences of physical activity, and the effects of interventions to improve physical activity, physical and neuropsychological function, and quality of life, with a particular interest in older adults and people with multiple sclerosis. Ultimately, Dr. Sebastião aims to generate applicable knowledge to improve physical activity and exercise participation, function, and consequently health and quality of life in these much needed populations.