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Recreation, Sport & Tourism

Promote environmental stewardship. Lead social and economic development. Study management and marketing.


The Recreation, Sport and Tourism department supports a number of outreach initiatives that seek to provide education and services to recreation, sport, and tourism leaders across the state of Illinois, the United States, and the world.

Office of Recreation and Park Resources

The Office of Recreation and Park Resources seeks to help park and recreation leaders expand their knowledge and energize their agencies. ORPR provides educational workshops, community consultations, and survey services to help park and recreation personnel make informed decisions that benefit their communities.


The culminating academic experience for students in Recreation, Sport and Tourism is a semester-long internship that provides students the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills gained from classes to a professional environment. In consultation with the internship coordinator, an internship agency is selected which represents a match between the student's academic preparation and their career goals. This formal, guided learning experience is supervised simultaneously by the agency supervisor and university internship coordinator. See this page for details.

RST 441 Community Planning and Engagement

This is a project-based course in the recreation concentration. In this course, students have an opportunity to practically serve a community in the State of Illinois. Students will be partnered with a community and assist them in effectively planning and executing a community-wide event. The course allows students to use their understanding of how to inventory, analyze, and create a strategic vision for recreational services in communities.

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