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Yannick kluch

Yannick Kluch, Ph.D.

Dr. Kluch's research agenda is centered on why and how individuals and organizations utilize sport as a platform to advance equity, inclusion, and social justice. Drawing from interpretive-humanistic and critical epistemological frameworks and using qualitative and critical methods, Dr. Kluch's research looks at the individual factors (e.g., identity, sense of belonging), cultural institutions (e.g., media), and systemic forces (e.g., racism, exclusion) that either prevent or empower individuals and organizations to engage in social justice efforts. Specific areas of research include (1) activism, sport, and social change, (2) inclusive sport policy, governance, and human rights, (3) experiences of minoritized groups in sport, and (4) strategic diversity/equity/inclusion efforts in sport. As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Kluch has worked with organizations such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, USA Diving, and the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee to remove barriers to racial and social justice in the sports industry.