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Academics Building


Complementary minors and certificates

One way to add to your academics is to choose a minor or certificate to supplement your major. Typically, minors contain fewer than 18 to 21 hours and must include at least six hours at the advanced level. Minors are noted on your academic transcript. Certificates have fewer requirements and are not listed on your transcript. However, you can, and should, list them on your resume.

Here is a sample of some of the MINORS that AHS students often choose


Here is a complete list of all undergraduate minors at UIUC.

Courses to build skills

Here is a sample of some of the academic ways students can build their career competencies via course work

Career & Self-Development

  • CHLH 199: Designing your AHS Career Readiness 


  • CMN 101: Public Speaking
  • CMN 102: Introduction to Communication
  • CMN 230: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
  • CMN 260: Introduction to Health Communication
  • CMN 462: Interpersonal Health Communication

Critical Thinking

  • CHLH 201: Public Health Research Methods
  • CHLH 421: Health Data Analysis
  • KIN 201: Physical Activity Research Methods
  • KIN 385: Experience in Kinesiology Research
  • IHLT 385: Experience in Interdisciplinary Health Research
  • PHIL 102/103: Logic and Reasoning
  • RST 370: Research Methods and Analysis
  • SHS 291: Research Lab Experience in SHS

Equity & Inclusion

  • EPSY 202: Exploring Cultural Diversity
  • EPSY 203: Social Issues Group Dialogues
  • IHLT 232: Health Disparities in the U.S.
  • KIN 360: Adapted Physical Education
  • RST 199ID: Inclusive by Design
  • RST 230: Diversity in Recreation, Sport and Tourism


  • LEAD 230: Leadership Communications
  • LEAD 260: Foundations of Leadership
  • RST 200: Leadership in RST


  • CHLH 380: Orientation to Internship
  • CHLH 485: Community Health Internship
  • FSHN 398 Lifelong Nutrition for Sport & Physical Activity 
  • IHLT 474: Pre-field Experience in Health
  • IHLT 475: Field Experience in I-Health
  • KIN 387: Experience in the Agency Setting
  • KIN 485: Clinical Experiences in Sports Medicine
  • RST 480: Orientation to Internship
  • RST 485: Internship
  • SHS 475: Pre-practicum in SHS


  • Any course utilizing group work/project development


  • CS 124: Introduction to Computer Science I
  • CHLH 203: Introduction to Health Technology
  • CHLH 441: Health Behavior and Technology
  • CHLH 470: Technology, Health and Aging
  • KIN 474: Technology-driven Health Intervention
  • RST 216: Technology in Recreation, Sport and Tourism