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Take Charge of the Career Development Process

The National Association of Colleges and Employers developed a list of career competencies college educated people need to build in order to be prepared for the next step after graduation, whether that be graduate school or the workforce.

The Eight Career Readiness Competencies

Career & Self-Development
Critical Thinking
Equity & Inclusion


Students can build skills in these competencies in many ways:

Academics Building

  • Complementary minors and certificates
  • Courses to build skills

Experiential Learning

  • RSOs
  • Undergraduate research
  • Volunteering

Employment Skills

  • Strengths and interest assessments
  • Resume and Interview tips
  • Job/graduate school search development

Health Professions

Many AHS students plan to work in a health profession after graduation. Each of the health professions has its own set of requirements and necessary activities prior to application.  The AHS advisors are familiar with the requirements for the health professions and are great resources.

In addition, The Career Center offers a variety of resources that will be prove vital in preparing for one of these fields.  Here are some of the resources available to students:

Pre-Health at Illinois on Canvas