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Employment Skills

Strengths and interest assessments


In the course, CHLH 199, section TP, you will take a CliftonStrengths assessment and participate in a workshop that will explain your top strengths and how you can use them in career preparation


EPICS provides activities to help you explore your interests, skills, values and decision making process, along with personalized tips and resources.

Interest profiler

Interest assessment

Skills profiler

Work values

Resume and Interview Skills


The first chance an employer has to get to know you is through your resume. Luckily, there are many resources available to help you write a solid resume to ensure you make a great first impression.

Resume Reviews

The Career Center

Interviewing for a job or graduate school can be stressful but the best approach is to be prepared. Here are some resources that can help you get ready.

Mock interviews are a great way to practice your interview skills and receive helpful feedback from professionals.  There are 3 options for doing a mock interview:

  1. AHS Career Services: When you schedule a mock interview with AHS Career Services you will choose the type of interview you would like: job, internship, graduate school, professional school. After the interview you will have a debriefing and receive written feedback. Email careeers@ahs.illlinois.edu for an appointment.
  2. The Career Center: You are able to schedule a mock interview with a Career Center staff member. Mock interviews  
  3. Big Interview: This is a platform to complete an online mock interview with a career professional. Big Interview 

Job/graduate school search development

Job searching

  1. In the course, CHLH 199, section AHS, you will learn about developing a job or graduate school strategy and how to remain organized in your search.
  2. AHS Career Services: We are here to discuss your search and help you get started. Email careeers@ahs.illlinois.edu  for an appointment.
  3. The Career Center: You are able to schedule an appointment with a Career Center staff member. Career coaching.

Graduate school searching

A great place to start for exploring which graduate programs interest you is Peterson’s. This website allows you to filter programs by degree, location, and many other criteria.

Campus and Community Jobs