Applied Practice Experience (APE)

MHA students participate in the APE experience after their first year of core coursework. The APE involves at least 200 hours of working in a health administration setting and offers intensive “on the job” experience. Students gain important job skills and learn more about career options in health administration.

MHA students complete the APE during the summer between the first and second years of coursework. Our MHA program helps students match their academic and career interests with the right APE experience.

Examples of APE placements that our students have recently completed include:

  • Conducting a review of hospital best practices across the nation to develop new standardized practice for treating patients with alcohol addiction
  • Assessing hand-washing behaviors of nurses and physicians, analyzing results, and presenting recommendations for how to improve hand hygiene throughout the hospital
  • Collecting qualitative and quantitative data on employee performance, employee satisfaction, and safety for employees and patients for hospital cleaning services team. Analyzed data and implemented a pilot project to improve metrics in all three areas
  • Working in an out-patient surgery department, analyzed data to identify scheduling and patient flow challenges, and implemented staff scheduling changes to increase patient throughput

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